GiGi Pip

Gigi Pip hats are sourced from materials around the world. This is out of necessity more than a nice thing to say. Their wool comes from Australia, leather comes from different parts of Europe and Asia, straws come from their respective origins, and they’re all brought together to form a truly unique product.


Gigi Pip hats go through more than 65 steps prior to being sold. With nearly a dozen quality checks throughout the process, they take pride in every Gigi Pip hat sold. Gigi Pip knows that confidence starts with quality and quality will give you confidence in the many hats you wear.

Gigi Pip was conceived between a somewhat obsessive love for hats  combined with a passion for business. The brand felt there was a gap in the market between high-quality, fashionable hats and what the average women could afford. They are extremely proud to be a leader in the women hat market with dozens of styles at a fraction of the price that you’d find with a custom hat maker.

So go ahead, shop and take your love of hats to a whole new level!