TATRAS Launches Spring/Summer 2021 Campaign

Luxury down jacket brand TATRAS is pleased to release an artful campaign transporting the viewer to an untouched desert landscape. Brought to life through CGI, the concept gives a wink to magical realism bringing in wholly unexpected cameos.

In a nod to the Tatras mountains, in several takes a sheep drops in, while others see the desert allegorically flecked with rain, contradicting both the location and the digital process. Shot by photographer Bethany Vargas on models Justine Biticon and Jaron Baker, the SS21 collection offers an original approach to down, focusing on where outerwear is worn.

Ultralight down is spotlighted with masterful details from hidden minimalistic stitches and an elegant gloss to a light back body allowing for a spring breeze. A bolder offering comes in the form of blouson-like designs, embracing femininity with gathered details and statement cuts. Going quite literally from day to night, TATRAS reveals the orbit of its unparalleled designs.

TATRAS is a luxury down jacket brand for men and women founded in Japan and designed in Italy. TATRAS was founded in 2006 by Masanaka Sakao with the mission to perfect an accessible, beautiful down jacket. The result was outerwear of the highest quality with impeccable construction, made from exclusive Japanese performance fabrics and Italian-milled wool.

Tatras grew organically throughout Japan based on its unparalleled reputation for utility and luxury, appealing to those who truly love fashion. Since then, Tatras has expanded its global reach, showing ready-to-wear for men and women during Paris Fashion Week.

Sakao’s vision has evolved to express the emotion of the brand in fashion and culture collaborations on the runway and in retail experiences. As a creative director, he continually seeks knowledge and ingenuity, creating products that are truly unique to the market.


Photographer: Bethany Vargas

Models: Justine Biticon, Jaron Baker

Production: AP Studio


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