Y/Project SS21 Paris Fashion Week

The Spring Summer 2021 collection for Y/Project is about questioning, reasserting, and celebrating the core values of the brand: versatility, eclecticism, and playfulness. For a brand whose twisted styles require highly technical pattern making, having to work with a reduced team and not being able to have as many fitting sessions as needed was a true challenge, but also another opportunity to find what is essential.

In this season’s collection, snap buttons on sleeves and legs inventively allow each piece to become a new opportunity for individual expression: trench coats, sweaters, and dresses gain unexpected volumes and shapes when playing with button fastening. Pants seem to have grown a blazing fin from a front panel. Jackets and tops fluidify from symmetrical patterns into swirling forms. Blazer necklines bifurcate to become scarves. True to Y/PROJECT’s design ethos each piece features a design twist, transforming familiar classic pieces into “impossible objects”. The brand’s signature designs, double panel coats, V-cut pants, asymmetric collars, continue to punctuate this season’s collection. Meanwhile, a more refined and tamed version of the Y/PROJECT woman emerges this season from this deconstruction-reconstruction endeavor, by simply tying her silk scarf around her waist like a skirt and wearing heels covered with lace. A new heart and rose-shaped earrings, as well as “stingray” mules, add a feminine organic touch to the collection.

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