Thalie Paris SS21 Paris Fashion Week

Thalie Paris is a digitally native vertical brand specializing in fine leather goods and sustainable accessories.

This innovative project is led by Nathalie Dionne, the creative director who worked on the development of sustainable collections for leading international brands. The project received support from Paris Initiative Enterprise, BPI Creation, and Impactage, an investment fund in Milan, specializing in sustainable development. The environmental impact and Sustainability assessment methods are developed by Impactage.

Thalie Paris was conceived as a brand strongly oriented towards sustainability in all phases of its design, production, and distribution.

 • 3D modeling (Reduction of carbon footprint and the need for real prototypes to use the minimum of resources, pre-testing of models using artificial intelligence)

• Use of innovative materials oriented towards the circular economy (salmon leather from French industrial recycling – Ictyos tanneries, cactus fiber, regenerated or up-cycled natural leather)

• Ecological packaging throughout the production and distribution chain.

• Just-in-time production allowing the implementation of a virtuous cycle.

• The Thalie brand project meets the objectives set by the UN and the G7 Fashion Pact.

• Parisian design that does not compromise style needs with innovation in materials.

Thalie Paris is reinventing the codes of the “new bourgeoisie” and “the eco-conscious”, a message that resonates with « New Normal » and women’s 25-45 affordable luxury market.

A brand territory, born of recent confinement … The designer lives in the Passy district of Paris where she explores the idea of a neo-Parisian woman by anchoring it in the renaissance of the 16th arrondissement rich in cultural, historical, and artistic heritage. The Palais de Tokyo, rue du Ranelagh, the Quays of the Seine, rue Mallet-Stevens, the Palais de Chaillot, so many iconic places to associate with the brand. Always around refinement, French know-how … and French culture. The model names are inspired by ancient French first names, Cédrine model in cactus fiber, or even the Victorine bucket bag in honor of a heroine from Manet’s painting, “Lunch on the grass”.

For the designer, Thalie’s sustainable spirit is illustrated by the creation of signature and timeless models, alchemy between fine leather goods and eco-design. Creations that sublimate women, always with a desire for styles that are “sophisticated & wearable”, favoring ergonomics, the choice of finishes, and sensual and durable materials.

And why this name “Thalie”? Diminutive of Nathalie … and in Ancient Greek or Roman mythology, it is the name of one of the Three Graces or Charities, Thalie the one who brings beauty to the world and by whom nature reflourishes … what could be prettier to explore eco-design and regenerative materials.

A manifesto film, which will be released in summer 21, will present the universe of the brand, manufacturing methods, ethics, and the unique approach. The idea of discovering a bag as a journey. Thought under a documentary mode, a mini web series in several episodes or the storytelling of waste to the mythical object, the idea of metamorphosis and sublimation of the object and change of state.

Pre-launch in October 2020 on the e-shop

Credits: Olga Khlybova @aglography
Model: Marcy @marcy_skye
Brand: Thalie Paris @thalieofficial
Creative director: Nathalie Dionne @ndionne