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ACCIDENTAL CUTTING is a fashion brand founded by the architect and fashion designer Eva Iszoro. She is also a college professor and a researcher in the field of creative and experimental pattern cutting. Moreover, she is the author of a new experimental pattern cutting method: Accidental Cutting, focused on finding, not looking for, non-existent volumes, through abstract, random and accidental cuts and patterns. Those three-dimensional shapes are applicable to any kind of design, not only fashion.
She holds the first PhD Thesis, that analyzes the new phenomenon of creative and experimental pattern cutting, in a global and general way from a methodological approach of design practice. The Accidental Cutting method is theoretically based on Chapter V of her PhD thesis ( The thesis received the qualification of Cum Laude and the Extraordinary Doctoral Thesis Prize of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, promotion 2015/2016. More information about the research carried out in:
While the ultimate purpose of Accidental Cutting is to obtain original and newfangled volumes, this method is also compatible with several sustaintable approaches described on the brand’s website:
During the Covid 19 lockdown Eva Iszoro started to explore the virtual 3D construction. All of the last collection: “APOCALYPSE – the new reality” SS-21, inspired in the current pandemic situation, was created with specific 3D software. Meanwhile at London Fashion Week a totally virtual show will be presented based on this theme, while at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid it was a physical with real garments and models ( You can find more information about this collection at the following links:
This is the first time Accidental Cutting fashion brand participates in London Fashion Week. The AW collection 2020/21 was presented at 080 Barcelona Fashion (, and the previous one at Roca Gallery Madrid.
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