Neotenic Furniture For Your Neotenic Style

Ne·ot·e·ny / nēˈät(ə)nē
noun, zoology
the retention of juvenile features in the adult animal.


Neotenic furniture is a style that can only be described as “cute” furniture—design objects with exaggerated proportions and anatomical features such as big faces, chubby legs, and rounded feet. A set of designs that share commonality from material and more. The designs can be thought of as cute but possess childlike features that can only be described as neotenic.

When looking to furnish or style your home and your specific goal is to create a neotenic style, look for furniture designers that specifically design anatomical associations and exaggerated proportions with their furniture. Take a look at these styles and designers:

he Creature Comfort Collection continues the studio’s ongoing research into the science of affect — how physical objects make us feel. Designed in quarantine, the pieces from the collection - Fortune Chair, Sport Loveseat, Hung Mirror, Mop Lamp, and Squiggle Vessel - explore the tension between the physical and the digital, the real and the surreal. Shown at Sight Unseen Offsite Online in May 2020.
Founded by Jessica Herrera, Oōd Studio is a San Francisco-based furniture and design studio.