8on8: London Fashion Week SS21

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Li Gong is the master of blurring the generational lines when it comes to his menswear collections.
The designer combines revolutionary and traditional methods to create a hybrid aesthetic of contemporary sportswear and meticulous tailoring.

The 8on8 SS21 Digital show arrived in the form of a short retro-futuristic film recorded with a spherical selfie view, Li Gong presented 8ON8’s ‘Crown of Ruins’ sustainable headdress collection. Inspired by an expedition in 2126 to gather the relics of the 21st Century, it featured leftover fabrics from previous collections and second-hand clothing upcycled into nine hand-sewn hats. This design process made each one of them a unique piece. Aimed to show “an exquisite craftsmanship in a luxury point of view,” the hats combine elements from cricket caps with Victorian costume details such as classic webbing and sparkling acrylic stones.

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