Support Garment Workers affected by Covid-19

More than 1,100 Bangladeshi garment factories reported canceled orders worth $3.17 billion in export sales as of April 2020,  Elmwood Park affecting approximately 2.3 million workers and their families due to the Covid-19

Bangladesh is the world’s second-largest producer of clothes for high street fashion retailers. The garment industry is the single biggest factor in the growth of Bangladesh’s GDP, from USD 21.77 billion in 1986 to USD 221.42 billion by 2016 (World Bank). More than 80% of the country’s export market is ready-made clothes for Europe and America. There are around 3.5 million people working in 5,000 factories and 85% of them are women.

Donate to support the children of garment workers.

Article Courtesy of Common Objective