Making a statement with Mr Wood

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Everyone should own at least one statement shirt” say the founders of Mr Wood London (@mrwoodlondon). These two childhood friends haven’t been in this business long, but already sales of their distinctive patterned shirts are getting attention around the world, with orders coming from as far away as Los Angeles and Australia.

Partners Edward Wood and Jack Spurrier have created a luxury shirt brand that inspires style in everyday life. “My Dad still carries around the last square of fabric from his favourite 70s French Connection shirt and uses it as a hanky” says visual designer Wood. “From the outset, we wanted Mr Wood shirts to pull off that kind of longevity” adds Spurrier, echoing their belief that the days of fast fashion need to end.

The young company is already launching its third collection this month, and with summer on the horizon, the two entrepreneurs haven’t seen any signs of demand slowing down despite the Government guidelines keeping people indoors. All signs point to this latest collection being the most popular yet.

Mr Wood is known for its irreverent take on international cult imagery, producing fun, bold and engaging shirts. Its latest collection includes a Warhol-esque cigarette packet motif. Other travel-inspired prints share playful references to 19th century Japanese art, Mexican folklore and US imperialism. “We’re exclusively about promoting Good Times” say the guys almost in unison, echoing the mantra printed on every shirt’s label.

Mr Wood’s limited edition shirts start at £120, are designed in London, made in Portugal from 100% viscose with coconut husk buttons, and ship worldwide from the UK.

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