Counting Down the Days Until We Can Physically Go Into Stores?

It’s been about two and a half months and counting since we’ve all had to resort to self-isolate/social distance or whatever you want to call it from the Corona Virus. I think it can safely be said, it’s time to get back to living.

With living life to it’s fullest, we wanted to share with you a few of our favorite places you definitely need physically go to in NYC. It may not be for a few more weeks, but at least you’ll have on your radar.

The Westside 

Although located in NYC, The Westside is a Calfornia-inspired boutique with a laid back, luxury feel. Haro and Sari Sloane Keledjian, the husband and wife team behind INTERMIX, launched the westside September 2017 in New York. They offer a vast collection of womenswear, accessories, beauty, apothecary, and home goods.

The Westside

Brooklyn based Swords-Smith is a multi-brand retailer of womenswear, men’s, accessories, and jewelry. They focus on emerging and established designers who emphasize quality, process, and creative design. The shop is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where they offer a carefully curated shopping experience.



If you’re looking for a bakery that has traditional, yet delectable Italian food and baked goods, then Saraghina Shop is for you. Saraghina Shop creates naturally leavened loaves by using nothing more than can you buy neurontin over counter flour, water, and salt. They use a process called, slow fermentation and make each loaf by hand. All bread and pastries are made with certified buy brand name accutane organic flour and sugar, and their dairy, eggs, and fruits come from local farms in and around New York.

Saraghina Bakery

Lucali tops all pizza in NYC, not just for their pizza, but for the ambiance. Located in Brooklyn, the laid back, chic interior will have you frequenting the restaurant year-round. Lucali’s is rated #1 in NYC and #2 in the country, Once you try it, you’ll be hooked!

Lucali Brooklyn