Maintain Your Hair Color During Self Isolation

How can I keep my color looking great when I can’t get to the salon?

We’re approaching the month mark of self-isolation in our homes and also going a month without seeing our stylists! Hair dye is becoming the next product that people are panic-buying – but don’t worry if you can’t get your hands on a box of hair dye. Color expert and

KEVIN.MURPHY Global COLOR.ME Design Director Kate Reid has provided some tips and tricks to help maintain your color at home for the time being. 

Grey coverage: Kate highly recommends RETOUCH.ME root spray-on color that adheres to your hair to block out your greys. This root touch up doesn’t flake, run or drip as it’s a super fine mist.  

Toning: For toning at home, Kate recommends COLOURING.ANGELS treatment to tone and refresh. For a daily toning wash, BLONDE.ANGEL WASH and TREATMENT will keep your blonde crisp and eliminate yellow and gold tones from your hair. 

What products do you recommend for enhancing/extending the life of my color?

COLOURING.ANGELS works like a refining and toning conditioner; you pick the shade that enhances or counteracts your unwanted tone. These help to seal in your color and extend the life and look of your hair while at home.  

El Dorado Hills Are there any transition hairstyles that might cover uproot regrowth if I’m moving away from coloring my hair? 

Kate recommends keeping your hair up in a pony-tail or wearing a scarf if you don’t want to fix your color but want to hide it. She also states that natural texture can tend to hide grey more than straight hair so it could be time to let your hair air dry with the right products.