Earth Day Sustainable Gear/Accessories

Today is Earth Day and what a better way to celebrate it by purchasing gear whose fabric is made entirely of upcycled ocean plastics.  Sustainable accessories and travel brand Solgaard unveils the new Climate Combat Collection. Solgaard’s new collection is a premium assortment of sustainable gear and accessories features new spring/summer.

All new 2020 spring/summer backpacks and bags are crafted from Solgaard’s exclusive proprietary Shore-Tex™ fabric made entirely from ocean-bound plastics and new luggage styles feature a sustainable interior lining made from recycled plastic bottles. Every purchase pulls 5 pounds of plastic waste from the ocean

Vitina The Conductor Hex Watch: #ClimateCombat Edition ($145)
Torre-Pacheco Shore-Tex™ Daypack ($95)
New/Spring 2020: Grenada Green + Baltic Black Camo
Carry-On Closet ($245 – $265)
New/Spring 2020: Grenada Green
Award-winning luggage design featuring a sustainable interior lining made from recycled plastic bottles, patented removable shelving system with a compression strap for maximum storage, and a USB charging port.