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One of London’s most rebellious of artists and Turner Prize winners, Damien Hirst, has created a piece of art as a symbol of “solidarity and hope” to support The Independent’s Help The Hungry campaign.
The artist who’s previous work includes animals suspended and preserved in formaldehyde, has returned to the subject with an infinitely more transformative and positive influence and created ‘the rainbow heart’ a simple symbol filled with butterflies, to pay tribute to charities and individuals helping to feed the vulnerable during the coronavirus crisis.
Hirst, who is self-isolating in his home in London, is backing our work in conjunction with the Evening Standard to support The Felix Project’s distribution of food in the capital.
The Independent’s Help The Hungry campaign supports the work going on across the UK to ensure everyone has enough to eat during the current crisis, backed by figures such as Meghan Markle, the London mayor Sadiq Khan, Labour MP Jess Phillips and TV cook Nigella Lawson.
The artist said: “I am in awe of charity workers and community groups across the country who are risking their lives and health to deliver food to the most vulnerable in this time of crisis. I want to pay tribute to them with this rainbow heart, a symbol of solidarity and hope, and support the Evening Standard and The Independent’s campaign to raise money for these vital organisations.”
The joyful motif has been adopted by the entire country with children being inspired to display rainbow pictures in the windows of their homes and light projections being beamed on to London landmarks as messages of hope, peace, support and gratitude.
Evgeny Lebedev, shareholder of The Independent, said: “This is a stunning artwork from one of Britain’s foremost contemporary artists. Hirst’s symbol of hope is a reminder that we must face this crisis together, something our campaign has tried to show.”
The Independent is encouraging readers to help groups that are trying to feed the hungry across the country.

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