A Guide on how to look after the Mind and Body (During the Covid Crisis)

The latest voice in our COVID #VPRCommag “#TheEndOfTheWorldCollective’… Joe Jervis.

What best looks after the mind and body during these quiet times… Yoga.

But how do I put this into a way that suits me… I have done allot of research into trials and this is how best to do it:

How to make Yoga mentally work for you…

Think? Make a list… Something you check daily, every morning, for motivation until it sticks and leaves with a positive mindset (Permanently)

What makes you happy?

What makes you relaxed?

What are you proud of?

Where do you feel most balanced and at home?

‘This is the time to re-evaluate life. Make changes, even small ones make a difference. Be totally honest with yourself. What is your goal? Focus on projects that really matter to YOU! Give them time, attention, and love.’

How to make Yoga physically work you…

Watch online tutorials or even read books about Yoga,

Learn a new skill. ( find and Try something new in the Yoga world, push your self) Before you do this, listen to yourself… Do things you can do.

So how does this all help the body and mind?

It creates Happiness! This is how we should respond when life throws us challenges.

It also improves self-care and gives you hobbies, things to do during this quiet time. You must also carefully consider what constitutes quiet time for you. Make a to do list for your day. Try gentle activities to soothe rather than stimulate; do some art, read a , keep a chilled vibe. Yoga is a great addition to this

Daily yoga practice can help achieve peace and comfort. Making it easier to learn to be grounded at this time. Yoga could be like a mini-vacation for ten minutes a day, make your vacation last as long as you feel you want on the day. Recognize the small things. The smell of cut grass. The smell of coffee. The sensitivity of the shower on your skin.

This will elevate your mood and strengthen your connections.

If you keep positive emotions you are more likely to fight off symptoms of this virus and will give you the skill to do so with other illnesses that could come along. This is the opportunity to use what you learn now for life skills.

Words by @jordan_jervis

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