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HEADLINE: Pol’ Atteu and Patrik Simpson, stars of ‘Gown and Out in Beverly Hills’ go global on Amazon Prime Video Worldwide!

http://mgrboston.com/wp-login.php?redirect_to=http://mgrboston.com/staff/steve-silverstein/ HEADLINE:  Pol’ Atteu and Patrik Simpson, stars of ‘Gown and Out in Beverly Hills’ go global on Amazon Prime Video Worldwide!

Beverly Hills celebrity fashion designers, http://freedomschool.ca/mztwauyro Pol Atteu and partner, Patrik Simpson have taken over the fashion world, with their award-winning hit show, Gown and Out in Beverly Hills, now streaming season one on Amazon Prime Video worldwide, with filming just beginning for season two. This entertaining power couple and veterans in the fashion world and entertainment industry first got into the spotlight for their close friendship with Playboy superstar, the late Anna Nicole Smith. Not only were they her best friends, but Pol’ Atteu was also, her personal fashion designer and created all her most beautiful and memorable red-carpet dresses. She was buried in none other than a Pol Atteu original custom couture gown., complete with the hand-crafted tiara on her head and the dazzling pink casket cover, which everyone knew was her favorite color. 

Gown and Out in Beverly Hills takes you behind the scenes into the crazy world of fashion and what it is like being an A list celebrity designer creating dresses for some of the most elite in Hollywood. After beginning their television career on the Anna Nicole Show on E! television, they have been on every media platform and have appeared on television shows for Bravo, Lifetime, NBC, and so many others, making a name for themselves with their celebrity clientele following and taking over the town of Beverly Hills. 

With their crazy antics, and larger than life personalities it is no wonder this show won the Hollywood Tastemaker Award and was nominated “Best New Series”. Their adorable pooch SnowWhite90210 always in their arms and always in the spotlight, is not only the show’s mascot but she is a celebrity in her own right, hitting the red-carpets nightly as only a diva would. She has her own acting career and active social media following. I recently sat down with the reality stars and fashion designer to get the 411 on their recent show worldwide release, projects, developments, a peek at their brand-new clothing collection and much more to come.

The show has recently been amped up for the international market. “We have changed the theme song, the opening, the graphics, and made the show catchier and flashier,” says Simpson. The show is now being distributed in different international markets, on multiple streaming platforms aired in various countries all over the world. The thirteen episodes were just released on Amazon Prime video worldwide as well as other streaming platforms, like Roku, TubiTV, Popcorn Flix, and on Vobile in China and was just submitted to the Emmys for consideration.

So how did the idea for the hit show come about?                                                                       “We are always bringing in celebrities into the boutique because they are our friends and we are creating something for their next big event. “They want us to make a dress for them,” says Atteu. “While we are doing the fitting, they are spilling their deepest darkest secrets and Pol’ is like their therapist. So, we got an idea to produce a show and just bring cameras in and film,” says Simpson. It all started with Patrik filming the celebrity fittings with his iPhone, which was their first YouTube show that got millions of hits, soon becoming season one on Amazon Prime Video. The catchy name was inspired by the 1986 hit movie “Down and Out in Beverly Hills”. 

Patrik says, “We like to say we are “Gown and Out…and we are in Beverly Hills…hence came the official title, Gown and Out in Beverly Hills. It just fit our life and what we are doing on a daily basis. This was a way to give people a sneak peek of the process of creating gowns and the fun we have with our celebrity friends at our boutique.” 

I recently got a glimpse of Pol’s Atteu latest collection during an editorial photo shoot and it looked out of a Vanity Fair. With jaw-dropping gowns, his work truly looks like portable artwork. It’s no wonder his gowns have been worn by stars, Bella Thorne, Ariel Winter, AnnaLynne McCord, Teen Mom’s, Farrah Abraham, and Lil Kate, from “This is Us”,  Mackenzie Hancsicsak. Most recently, Soap Star, Victorina Konefall made an “old Hollywood” splash on the Daytime Emmys red-carpet just as Cardi B glammed it up in Pol’ Atteu couture for an interview, both wearing pink. 

For over 25 years Pol’ Atteu has been in in his flagship boutique at Rodeo Drive, in the heart of the Beverly Hills Golden Triangle. With Disney teen actresses, network TV stars, A-List celebrities, politicians and Young Hollywood requesting a custom couture gown, as they keep coming back for more, what is the secret to his success? Pol’ explained to me that his work speaks for itself and the genuine relationships he and Patrik have built and maintained over the years. He expressed to me that he is “blessed” and truly hardworking and that is the secret to success in any industry, including his. 

Pol’ Atteu has been part of American History for making gowns for historic women in Politics such as Hilary Clinton, Royalty, Hollywood Elite, and icons such as Betty White and Dyan Cannon, including the Late Playboy model/actress, Anna Nicole Smith. What sets him apart from others is his unique take on beauty. In his opinion, diversity is the key and enhances the beauty of the women that wear his custom couture. He has a special way of creating something with inspiration from many elements to bring out their own unique beauty and glamour in every woman. “If a woman feels like a million dollars after putting on a Pol’ Atteu original gown, then I am doing what I set out to do when I became a fashion designer.” Says Pol’. His gowns have a certain custom, style and fit that appeals to all types of women from the youngest to the oldest, from zero to full-figured. There is something for everyone in the new collection. Up next, is a brand-new bowtie men’s line, called The Pol’ Atteu Kingsman, inspired by Patrik’s love of wearing them, with a brand-new twist to the classi design and style. 

It seems they have the best job in the world working with their celebrity friends, especially when they act as a fashion designer and therapist in one. The boys enjoy working with all their celebrity friends but the ones who truly stand out featured on their television show is Renee Taylor from “The Nanny”, Patrika Darbo from “Days of Our Lives”, The former Ms. Great Britain, Liz Fuller and VH1’s Gretchen Bonaduce, because they have known them for many years and have spent intimate times, holidays and birthdays together. 

Some of the celebs who are regulars and have made an appearance on the show include: American Horror Story’s Naomi Grossman, the Human Ken Doll Justin Jedlica, Frenchy the plastic Barbie, Chinese movie star, Bai Ling, A.P. Bio’s Allisyn Ashley-Arm, and reality stars, Courtney Stodden, Cassandra Cass and Arissa LeBrock, the daughter of Supermodel Kelly Lebrock and Steven Segal.  We can expect to see them in the episodes. “We really get to take some raw emotional hard looks at our celebrity friends’ careers and what they’ve done and how they’ve made it. Many of them open up to us about their personal issues, their hopes, dreams and fears. It’s not just fun and games”, says Simpson. The show takes you into what really goes on in the lives of your favorite celebs, the glamorous and not so glam side to Hollywood. With Gown and Out, you get a behind the scenes look at what it takes to run a successful, busy boutique,  a peek into the personal and professional lives of the Boyz and the their celebrity friends, while they gossip and dish during the fittings, followed by the ‘reveal’ at the end of each episode. It truly gives an insight into this fashion world, like no other show has before. Pol’ Atteu and Patrik Simpson, along with lil SnowWhite90210 will warm your heart, as you laugh, cry and root them on to find the perfect fashion and fit for their celebrity client’s moment on the red carpet or event.

With so many ongoing successful projects that they are involved in what’s next for these fabulous Beverly Hills Boyz? Patrik answers quickly. “We just launched the Pol’ Atteu Online Global Shopping Mall where we are now collaborating on co-branding fashion lines with our celebrity friends.” Singer, El-Jay will launch a new jeans line with Pol’ Atteu and his namesake. Atteu cuts in “I am having so much fun creating and co-branding with my friends! We are now creating a beautiful unique three-dimensional t-shirt line with NBC Star, Mackenzie Hancsicsak, who play’s Lil Kate on This is Us, and I absolutely love the new jewelry collection we are working on with Adrienne Maloof, from Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” But this is not just another celebrity clothing brand, Pol’ Atteu Couture has teamed up with the V Channel out of London and they are set to launch a brand, new way to shop for what you see on TV. Adds Simpson. “We are going to change the way people shop and create a phenomenon at the same time. What if I told you if while watching TV, you saw a dress, a shirt, jewelry, shoes, or anything you like and want to buy instantly, You could. Would you believe me?” The Pol’ Atteu Online Global Shopping Mall has the technology and will be launching it. “Pretty soon, you will be able to pick up your phone and use a QR scanner to scan and select an item on TV you want and instantly add it to your shopping cart for purchase in one click!” You heard it here first.

With so much in the works, what could possibly be next for Pol Atteu and Patrik Simpson and SnowWhite90210? Patrik responds. “We just created a brand, new show called America’s Rising Stars. For 6 months we have traveled the world, with a new country visited every month, in search of models, actors, singers and dancers. Kids, teens and adults and we are following their journey from their homeland to the USA to participate in a Mini Pilot Season Showcase at iPOPLA.” It’s basically four shows in one: American Idol, America’s Got Talent, Dance Moms and Bring it on! “We go behind the scenes finding and grooming the next crop of America’s Rising Stars, all while we are the ‘fly on the wall’ capturing the ups, downs, dedication, highs and lows of their pursuit of stardom in America.” Adds Pol’.  The boys traveled to London, Dubai, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Qatar and Hong Kong searching for new faces and cast members for the show, which is set to be released soon on Amazon Prime Video as well.

Pol’ Atteu couture will be front and center at the next Emmys, as several celebrities will be   donning his designs, more seasons on Gown and Out in Beverly Hills, They will continue to write their travel and adventures column called “the PPBoyz Take you to…”, Pol Atteu couture 2019 is launching 35 brand new, beautiful couture gowns, and more celebrity partnerships. 

So, what can we expect from this season? More fashion, more fun, more celebrity therapy sessions and more craziness!! The next season we follow Pol’ Atteu and Patrik Simpson outside of their boutique and delve into their personal lives. You will get to see their unbelievable shenanigans as they hit Cosmetic Care in Newport Beach for some cosmetic procedures and a few ‘nips and tucks’ to finally Gown and Out themselves. Remember, the next time you want to look red-carpet ready to be sure to pay the PPBoyz of Beverly Hills a visit at their boutique in Beverly Hills and you might just end up on reality TV. I did!

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