Behind the sentence “The artisan of emotions since 1860”, Chopard embraces its aim to share the experience provided by its iconic pieces. The best brands’ successes are based upon a strategy focussed on customer experience.

And the world of “Haute Joaillerie” is full of this magic. The Haute Couture in Paris is always accompanied with jewelry and the maisons partner with jewelry brands in many of their show. What is more, in the midst of the couture presentations, jewels cover part of our agenda.The relevance of jewelry talks by itself. And deserves to be breathed.

That’s why I cannot deny the chance in meeting Chopard closer. An extricted personal invitation to visit its boutique in the heart of Paris: between Rue Saint-Honoré and Place Vendôme.

I felt lucky and excited. Chopard is a family business where art and creativity runs freely. Having such opportunity to see first hand how after 159 years, the maison is successfully keeping its DNA, is something incredible.

The boutique was fully decorated with natural roses, stimulating all our senses. The Chopard “Magical Setting” collection, surrounded in the midst of flowered pannels. A cute ballerina welcomed us, wearing some simple but impacting jewels from the last collection “MAGICAL SETTING”.

Simplicity can be empowered by a simple Chopard’s jewel.

Our private tour started and my curiosity awakened. 

Caroline Scheufle, co-president and artistic director of Chopard, knows how to transport the artisan heritage and splendor to all generations and to all needs and uses. By enhancing the the possibilities to wear a high end piece all day long, Caroline achieves to connect stronger the emotions between their customers. 

The “Magical Setting” collection is a tsunami of vivid colours and an obsession: the behaviour of the light among the stones. This obsession lead Caroline to investigate deeper and use new techniques. Diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies had to perform an intense choreography with lights.

After a deep investigation, the innovation appeared: The MAGICAL SETTING, a miraculous setting that reveals the supreme shine of stones and diamonds, playing with the light as never seen before. 

This rare kind of magic also includes a pioneering structure which gives the impression the stones are floating in freedom around the jewel. Any support is clearly unseen. The innovative trick consists in underpinning the cluster by an entirely new and unique structure

All of this serving to infuse the joy of the light when playing freely with the gemstones. With this joy, innovation, and passion, Caroline Scheufele focused her efforts into the classical cluster. Jewellery has been the main toy in Caroline’s childhood and has become a way for her to express her emotions, pushing her boundaries, deserves approach the majesty and magnificence of the gemstones, not only to the ancient target but, also, to the new generations.

Currently, Chopard’s world combines today’s cutting-edge technology, with the age-old craft skills so as to create a new generation of contemporary and fascinating jewels. 

Magical Setting collection is full of timeless designs. Although the magnificence of the stones and the joy of shinning, I must say it is not a selfish demonstration of luxury. Diamonds shine but in a beautiful humble way which, to my mind, extols its essence and true value. 

A meaningful way to preserve and adapt to a family business is just this concept of family which magnifies the meaning of luxury for Chopard. Each and every employee becomes a relevant part of this family. Each and every client, is part of Chopard’s family.

The beauty of the precious gems deserve to be exposed and treated in a private and emotional scenario where Chopard arranges a durable conversation with its family.