Caudalie VIP Elixir Garden Party July 23rd

Caudalie-Fran-Iza New York- July 23rd

Caudalie, the luxurious French skincare brand that creates skincare art using grapeseed. Famous for their Beauty Elixir of which the formula is inspired by the Queen of Hungary’s elixir of youth.

The unique, 100% plant based formula quickly became a cult classic, loved by celebrities, make-up artists and beauty junkies all around the world. Today it remains one of their best-selling products.

This evening, the founders @mathildethomasMathilde and her husband Bertrand Thomas created an event unlike any other set atop a rooftop celebrated the launch of their new limited-edition bottle.  The garden party attire event was filled with beautiful flowers and pink decor.


Attendees, such as our content creators Iza Melo and Francine Auraujo sipped on rosé from the family vineyard in Bordeaux France and enjoyed hor d’oeuvres all in an enchanted rooftop garden with music by DJ Pamela Tick.

How is this for #loveatfirstmist? @caudalie @mycaudalie