Met Gala Recap: The Most Outrageous and the Most Boring

This year’s Met Gala did not disappoint – it was over-the-top, outrageous and fantastic in every way. The theme of Camp was one that allowed for plenty of the most whimsical, and craziest outfits. From Cardi B’s absolutely insane floor-length gown, to Jared Leto’s extra head, we’ve got it all covered.

buy modafinil nz Most Outrageous

The celebs who really went above and beyond.

Ryan Murphy as a…clam?
Lady Gaga came in not one but three outfits…and stripped in the middle the pink carpet.
Katy Perry definitely lit up the night…
Jared Leto and his head walk into a bar…
Cardi’s dress reportedly took over 2,000 hours to create.
Billy Porter made the grandest entrance of all.

Most “Camp”

These celebs wore the most theme-fitting outfits…in our opinion.

Hamish Bowles embodying clashing colors and lots of flamboyant-ness!
Hailee Steinfeld contradicting herself (she’s holding a camera).
Janelle Monae in a whimsical masterpiece reminiscent of an Alice in Wonderland mad hatter.
Ezra Miller with a mind-bending, Dali-esque makeup job.

Cara Delevingne looking like a candy shop.

Most Boring

We love you famous people, but the Met Gala is all about harnessing the craziness of art, and putting it on display. You just didn’t make the cut.

Maybe Karlie Kloss didn’t get the memo about the theme this year?
Kacy Musgraves in…lots of fuchsia.
Kim’s dress was cool and all, but WE DEMAND CAMP.
Tiffany Haddish’s look isn’t boring per se, just not the cutest.

Most Aesthetically Pleasing

They fit the theme and they’re just super pretty.

Kylie & Kendall rocking gorgeous, vibrant dresses.
Emily Ratajkowski showing off her toned figure in an angelic dress.
Jennifer Lopez stunning in silver.
Hailey Bieber bringing back the thong dress.
Zendaya in a fairytale light-up dress.

It would have been difficult to believe that any Met Gala could have topped last years’ heavenly bodies theme, but this year, celebrities really outdid themselves. The Met Gala continues to be a fashion inspiration, and a constant reminder that art is ever-evolving, and absolutely amazing.