Met Gala 2019: What is ‘Camp’?

isotretinoin 20 mg without prescription It’s the first Monday in May so you know what that means: it’s the Met Gala! We don’t know how anyone can top Rhianna’s absolutely jaw-dropping look last year, but we know that all the celebrities will be turning out look after amazing look.

This year’s theme is “Camp: Notes on Fashion”. But hold on, what does camp actually mean? To put it simply, camp is the exaggerated, artificial, and even unnatural. Camp has been around for decades, especially among the drag queen community. The word was famously coined in the novel “Notes on ‘Camp'” by activist and writer Susan Sontag in the 1960s.

So what can be ‘campy’? Well, almost anything! This theme can’t come at a better time due to the fact that Camp has become even more present in high fashion collections and runways lately.

We have no doubt that this Met Gala is going to be one for the books.

Photo credit: CNN