TABITHA AKA “DANDA” CORREA SIGNS ON WITH VERITY PR AND BRANDING  Tabitha is proud to be a female and to be involved in many different roles in the fashion world and outside of it. 

Tabitha aka “Danda” Correa is a mother of three, wife stylist, consultant, fashion/stylist/lifestyle Instagram influencer, model, Senior Fashion Editor for Brazil USA Suncoast Magazine, and CEO of Dandaaahh Fashion Agency. 

She wants to be able to use her platform to connect with as many individuals in the fashion industry as she can. She wants to learn from others and share the knowledge she has gained with other people. 

Her experience in a nutshell:

  • Consultant
  • Stylist
  • Instagram Influencer
  • Model
  • Senior Fashion Editor for Brazil USA Suncoast Magazine
  • CEO Dandaaahh Fashion Agency

Images courtesy of Tabitha aka “Danda” Correa.

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