A flower by another name:An Introduction to Fiori Couture

“Fiori” is the Italian word for flower. Indeed, many of the handcrafted accessories and couture garments from Fiori are as beautiful as flowers. Let’s take a closer look. Fiori Couture was founded by Susan Lafica. She has been designing fashion pieces since the age of 3. For over 35 years she had been working in the fashion industry as a Fashion Designer and Celebrity Stylist. Her designs have appeared in many top fashion magazines throughout the years. Then in 2012, she decided to launch Fiori Couture as a way to showcase her unique sense of style to the world. Since then, Fiori Couture pieces can be seen in many places such as the popular tv show Dancing with the Stars. Fiori Couture pieces contain many different elements. The accessories available at Fiori these elements are the Bella Donna Masquerade Ball Mask, La Plume Choker and the Juliet’s Dagger Earrings. The clothing sold at Fiori Couture is marked by long skirts, lacy pieces and flowers-much like the accessories. However, some of the garments have a more modern feel as seen in the Aurora Borealis Glam Riot Collection. Objects in this collection contain neon fabric and iridescent details. So here’s to Susan Lafica for creating this magical collection that would make anyone feel fabulous.

Image Credit: Fiori Couture

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