Winter Fashion with The Brit Girl Through and Through

TV presenter and fashionista extraordinaire,  buy real cytotec Charlotte Day, set aside time during her busy QVC shooting schedule to give us a few tips on how to be stylish and fabulous despite the wintery weather.

Spoiler: Polo necks and oversized, well, anything are all the rage.

buy generic finasteride 5mg online Q:What do you like most about winter fashion?

A:Layering! In winter, I love that you can wear so many layers since your main focus is to be warm and cozy. When you’re layering, you also have more to play with and style, so it’s a lot of fun! 

Q:And the best part about layering?

A: You can definitely eat those five extra mince pies! The following day, you’ll be in a divinely thick polo neck, with a coat, leggings, boots, gloves, and a hat. So no one will ever know about those naughty mince pies.

Q: Are there any pieces you have a harder time styling during this time of year?

A: The most annoying thing is that it’s bitterly cold outside, but as soon as you go into a shop or restaurant, the heat is on so high that you quickly de-layer. If, underneath a fabulously sexy polo neck, you’ve thrown on an old, nobody-should-see t-shirt, then you quickly go from hero to zero!

And now, Charlotte wants to ask you, our reader:

How do you carry your bag, hat, gloves, coat, and jumper, and make it look stylish? I’m still trying to figure it out… any suggestions?

Q: How do you manage to look fab while battling against the brutally cold weather?

A: It’s all about finding a solution to the problem or annoyance.

Bitterly cold? Wear a fabulously oversized teddy bear coat to wrap up in! Rain & frost outside = a bad hair day? Wear a knitted hat with a faux fur ball on top! Like I said, everything has a solution. 

A: Animal prints are out in full force. From leopard to zebra to tiger to snake, all these prints exude power and confidence, and I lovethat! Also, sharp, pleated midi skirts? Yes, please! I’ve been a fan of the midi length since brands like Prada and Louis Vuitton featured them on their 2012 “Ready-to-Wear” Catwalks. The trend hasn’t left us yet, thank God.

Charlotte’s tip:

Pair a pleated midi skirt with trainers and a fluffy jumper (à la Valentino) for a casual day look! 

Q: What’s your go-to winter accessory?

A: Knitted polo necks! I’ve invested in quite a few, and I am living for it! Not only do they go with everything–skirts, jeans, trousers, or even over a silk dress–but they’re chic, cozy, and you just want to snuggle into their thick roll necks.It’s undoubtedly a statement piece in my winter wardrobe, and it’s definitely for those very, very cold days. As a testament to the coat’s quality, I’ve had it for 5 years, and it still looks as good as the day I bought it!

A fun fact about this jacket: The fashion Gods were with me on the day I found this in Bicester Village’s Burberry Store. It’s the only shearling jacket they have ever received! Lucky or what?! 

Image Credit: Ying Min Tian

Q: Favorite winter outfits?

A: Oh no, do I have to pick just one??

Okay, if I hadto pick:

A big, oversized, knit polo neck, Tight, high-waisted mini skirt (probably animal print), tights, over-the-knee boots, an oversized teddy bear coat, and big sunglasses. I’ve said oversized a lot. I’m a fan–have you noticed? 

Images courtesy of Jerry Tian Yang. 

A massive thank you to Charlotte Day for answering our questions! Charlotte’s answers are entirely her own; any edits or alterations were made for grammatical accuracy and consistency.

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