McKenna Trahan – A True Southern Belle

It’s 2019 – which means it a NEW year that is full of opportunities and new possibilities. I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with McKenna Trahan. She is a southern raised chic mother and Instagram influencer. We dip into her life and how she started her journey to share her world with her audience.

1. Tell me a little about yourself? How did you start your blog and what inspired you to become apart of the digital blogging world? 

visit this site I am a southern girl who grew up outside of New Orleans, Louisiana.  In 2014 I was teaching music to elementary children full time.  As much as I loved my job, I wanted a hobby that allowed me to explore something totally different than my day to day life.  My father runs 3 men’s clothing stores full of quality, high end fashion for men.   I grew up being around gorgeous fabrics and patterns and that was probably what started my love for putting outfits together.  What started for me as a hobby has turned into more of a business and I feel blessed to do what I love for work!

2. Fashion can be expressed in so many ways, especially through clothing and accessories. What do you love most about fashion, and how would you describe your own personal sense of style? 

pop over to this website I love that fashion can make you just feel better about yourself.  On my off days when I may be feeling a bit down, getting dressed and fixing myself up is always an instant mood booster.  I would describe my style as classic with a bent to more neutral, minimalist styles. 

3. I see you are also a music teacher, especially in New Orleans (I’m a HUGE jazz lover), as well as a mother. How do you tackle it all, while keeping your blog and IG audience growing?  Any advice for new moms and new bloggers? 

Juggling multiple areas of my life can be a challenge.  I am afraid I haven’t tackled it all but the one piece of advice I can give to moms is to give yourself grace.  It’s OK to not ‘be on’ all the time and to take breaks every now and then from social media.  I always find the times I take a step back that I always return to blogging and social media with a fresh outlook and better attitude.  

4. Has the transition to New York (being your husband is in Grad school) from the Big Easy state of New Orleans been a challenge at all? Especially with running a major blog and IG. What would you tell those who have been seeking that venture? 

The hardest part of moving from New Orleans to upstate NY has been the weather.  I literally went from a location where you can shoot outfits all year and be outdoors to a place where 6 months out of the year there is snow on the ground.  The weather and leaving my blog community in the south were my two hardest things.  I would encourage those seeking a new adventure to seek out like minded girls to grown with and keep you motivated!

5. Instagram is the new ‘BLOG’ platform in a sense. How and where do you see yourself going with your blog and IG in the future? Would you plan on making changes though the years or keep your message as is? 

The beauty of IG and blogging is that is can grow with you and you can gain a new audience with each life transition.  I see myself taking on more mom posts and topics as well as health and wellness.  Style will always be a big part of my blog but my life is so much fuller now than when I started!

6. Speaking of your blog, what other topics do you cover? Any favorite areas in particular?

 Healthy recipes and topics has become one of my new favorite topics.  I hope to expand on that this year!

7. Last question – do you ever find it difficult to separate yourself and the ‘competition’ if you will,  amoungst the many IG influencers and so fourth? How would you describe yourself and standing out as someone who is well viewed? 

I try to be myself on my IG account.  Many days I am on my IG stories with no makeup showing my real life.  I think it is important to be YOU in this social media world and not to get caught up trying to be someone else.  Whenever I find myself comparing myself, I try to step back and count all the blessings I have  in life.  It is amazing what a different perspective it gives!

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