European Microplastic Ban may Cost the Beauty Industry Millions

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We love to hear the countless fascinating tips beauty brands like Mauridi Cosmetics and even MUA, the Southern Belle have to offer. Imagine if hundred of beauty brands just like these suffered a tremendous loss that was so impacting, it would affect the delivery of all the beauty tips and trends we love oh so much. In an effort towards creating an eco-friendly atmosphere, the European Union proposed to ban microplastic. The ban is expected to cause a tremendously negative impact among beauty brands.

For Europe, the continent with the largest beauty market, excessive amounts of plastic bits are polluting the environment and getting into European waterways. Much of the microplastics is used by beauty brands for packaging. The ban will require these brands to come up with hundreds of thousands alternative formulas to replace the plastic method with something else.

The final decision regarding whether to proceed with the ban is set to be sent to the European Commission for 2020. Until then, the proposal continues to be reviewed. So, the question is, what’s to come for these European beauty brands. For now, let’s keep enjoying the beauty that comes along with these brands-literally!

Images Courtesy of Guiding Tech

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